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Great animation and voice acting ;D

Giving it a 10/10 because of the easter egg :D

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Assios responds:

Haha thank you<3

nice ^^

Best stick man cs movie ive ever seen, i love the dumbasspart ^^


Great collab, great animation. : D

Assios responds:

Thank you!

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Great game

100 % 100% 100%
100% 100%
100% 99% 100%

258860 in highscore mode.

Pretty easy to get high percent hit. However, scoring high is harder.
Songs are well made by newground-users.

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This is sick. Awesome bass/growl/kick combination. Great intro and build up, smooth breakdown. Everything is great.

However, the best thing is how creative and uniqe it sounds all togheter. The hardest part in beeing a producer is to be creative and you've done an awesome job.

Good job, again

I like how the build up goes. Great use of your automation clips and I like the light synth lead.

The running melody its really good and sounds and sounds somewhat chill.

Also, great use of snares and hits, really liked how you used them.

However, the part at 1:54 sounds HORRIBLE, really unnecesary to put that part in. The whole song is soft and nice sounding, but suddenly this chaotic mix blends in and hurts my ears.

Overall, great song, I also liked the ending pretty good, with the more powerful bass to finish it of.

-Deejay DeeZ

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Assios responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it :) And yeah, I'll replace that messy part :p

No words can describe how bad this is.

The intro sucks. The fade in is really basic and sounds crap. Your drums sounds really generic. I don't get the way you just put in drums wherever you feel like it.

Then we have the melody.
Its not your melody, its made before, you just used a midi file. And then call it a remix. Its stupid.

Your whole build up is just ridicoulous and it sounds like you have no clue in what your doing.

DanceNation responds:

Hahhaha, LOL, your full of the biggest loads of shit i have ever heard,
1 YOU ARE FROM NEWGROUNDS, i will never take any of your advice seriously, No one here has any musical tallent, exept for the big names.\
2 ok, listen dude, i put my own melo's into this aswell, if its a remix, count on it having the original melo in there.. (numb nuts)
3 Shitting me right? my build up? HAHAHAH, sureee
4 and by looking at your songs, Its pretty funny how hipocrital you are, listening to your song (Not voting BTW, cuz im not a dick head) You used a melo im certain i have heard, and you call it your "up comming project" BS, even better, when someone gives you a bad review, you freak out, and overact, He says that its not in the Hardcore genre, and you freak out saying that he's wrong, and ur right. OH even better, this is where your sooo much better than me, you use all FL DEFAULT SAMPLES (XD, haahaha) I used to use those, but then oh yea, i started getting good..
Pfft dont tell me what to do bro. and dont worry, I know your 1 of those 5 downloads :)

Hi. My name is Daniel. I've been an active music producer for a while and im just here to upload some of my songs ;)

25, Male



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